The premiere concert on September 17 in Leipzig is SOLD OUT...!

This first event coincides exactly with the worldwide release (digital and physical) of the album In the Secret of the World, which includes all world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki. This production is now completing a large artistic concept started by Maak & Albertz with their 2018 successful first album Resplendences around Bach.

Both recordings are HERE and HERE available on label Florentyn Music


from the upcoming album 'In the Secret of the World'.
Series curated by
Anna-Maria Maak & Sef Albertz


BUY Maak & Albertz's new Album 'In the Secret of the World'


CD & Streaming | Sept. 17, 2021  (Pre-Order)
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays an All World Premiere Recording 
with music by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki

With In the Secret of the World the artist couple Maak & Albertz spans a dramaturgical arc and completes a large artistic concept that started with the previous 2018 production Resplendences around Bach:
...a recording that comes up with interesting as well as innovative ideas
(PIANONews, June 2019).

The concept album features exclusively world premiere recordings of the intercultural music of German-Venezuelan composer Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music - the result of a collaboration between the late Polish composer and Maak & Albertz.

The whole release brings together a musical kaleidoscope of multi-faceted and moving piano works: A creative approach to the exploration of identity and the truthful perception of the artistic phenomenon.
Along with the influences of Bach, Beethoven and other music creators, Ibero-American culture, pop and electronic music also find their place in this album. Thus, the artistic-creative discourse transforms into a cosmopolitan vision.

With our music we move in the secret of the world without the urge to unveil a secret, but in the perception of these inexplicable, deep sensations that enrich the experience of life and human connections”, comment Maak & Albertz. 


On July 22, as part of the Series 'Music from Saxony', Pianist Anna-Maria Maak will be playing a live streaming concert
with music by Sef Albertz, J.S. Bach, J. Brahms, R. Schumann & K. Penderecki
at the beautiful Albrechtsberg Castle in Dresden.

The project hat been developed by the New York Streaming Platform Dreamstage
with the support of the Saxon Ministry of Culture and Moritzburg Festival.




Anna-Maria Maak's new album 'In the Secret of the World' brings together a musical kaleidoscope of piano works, which reflect a multifaceted and moving expression of new classical music. The album is an all world premiere recordings of compositions by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki, which have been inspired by Bach, Beethoven, Latin American, pop and electronic music.
The recordings were completed in January 2021 and the worldwide release (digital and physical) will be on September 17th, 2021 under the label Florentyn Music.


Selected by the Saxon State Chancellery

Sef's composition «In the Secret of the World», which gives the title to the new album by Maak & Albertz, was selected for a music video production, which will be presented by the Saxon State Chancellery (Sächsische Staatskanzlei) through the campaign «So geht sächsisch - Kultur digital» commissioned by the Saxon government!

The Staatskanzlei commented in this regard:

„We really like the project idea and your music [...] We are therefore happy to fully support the production of the music video «In the Secret of the World»“



New album: Leipzig duo explores the „Secret of the World“

Newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung

„[...] sparkling piano music, which is to lead the audience to the edge of their own horizon and a little bit beyond [...]



The musician couple at MDR Klassik Radio (audio in German)


In just under 3 weeks, more than 100 supporters
made possible the new production
through a successful crowdfunding campaign:

Keep your courage - despite uncertain times!
This is the message of the new piano album
« In the Secret of the World »
by Maak & Albertz,
it's an artistic response...!


Maak & Albertz
The New Piano Album

Den Mut behalten - trotz ungewisser Zeiten!
Diese Botschaft vermitteln wir mit dem neuen Klavieralbum « In the Secret of the World »,
es ist eine künstlerische Antwort.
Nun soll es den Weg in die Welt finden - gemeinsam mit Dir können wir es schaffen!


Supported by the Leipzig Department of Culture (Kulturamt Leipzig) and curated by Anna-Maria Maak, the German pianist presents virtual episodes with
LIVE performances of 'Resplendences around Bach'
- her celebrated concept album
with music by J.S. Bach & Sef Albertz.

in completely sold-out concert 

Alongside a sublime performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 466,
Anna-Maria Maak played the solo part in the new orchestral composition by Sef Albertz
'The World through Emilia's Dreams
with the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart, which commisioned the work.
What an enthusiastic response from the Stuttgart audience!


"GEMEINSAM GROßES SCHAFFEN" (Creating great things together)

2020 begins with a great four-page article in the prestigious magazine PIANONews about the artistic career of Anna-Maria Maak and
her creative collaboration with composer Sef Albertz.
In addition, Anna-Maria's upcoming projects with Sef's music and
the world premiere recording of Penderecki's first solo piano music.
The magazine is available in Germany, Austria,
Luxembourg & Switzerland.


is a record label founded in Leipzig in spring 2018,
responsible for disseminating the creative work of
the Pianist Anna-Maria Maak & the composer Sef Albertz.


In this historical moment in which commercialism, the lack of creativity and a narrow vision predominate both in the musical and artistic field in general, the need for self-management is an idea that isn’t surprising to artists aware of the value of their professional activity and responsible for their creative message.

Thus, the cosmopolitan creator has found in the pianist Anna-Maria Maak, for whom Albertz has written many of his most important works, not only the perfect artistic companion but the affinity with an energetic and versatile spirit full of concerns and curiosity, which allows both artists develop a multidimensional approach of reciprocal inspiration.

Interested in discovering new elements of musical interpretation and interaction with the public, Florentyn Music also wants to become a platform of help for other musicians with solid and interesting creative concepts, so that together we can give back to music that ‘adequate place’ where a vivid audience reminds us that the search for ‘the beautiful’ is something active that don’t cling to standards.

Paraphrasing the celebrated Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat: “without utopia life would be an essay for death”. With this premise, let us be that utopia “that doesn’t have enough with the possible”.

Florentyn refers to male first name of Latin origin Florentinus, a derivation of Florens, which means "flourishing".

But it is also an allusion to the Venezuelan legend of «Florentino and the Devil», immortalized in the verses of the Venezuelan poet Alberto Arvelo Torrealba. It’s a story, with an intense message, which narrates the eternal struggle between good and evil, expressing the capacity for resistance of the man over the ravages and abuses of powerful interests. A sort of story about «David and Goliath» from the Venezuelan plains that symbolizes the courage of the tenacity and the indomitable will developed in front of an apparently much superior enemy.


After the acclaimed premiere of their new program in a sold-out concert at the “MDR Festival of Lights” in Leipzig, Maak & Albertz (the pianist Anna-Maria Maak & the composer Sef Albertz) now present “Resplendences around Bach”, an album that shows the essence of their years of joint artistic work.



CD, LP & Streaming | 2018 
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays world premiere recordings
of original & arranged music by Sef Albertz

"...a fruitful collaboration between
pianist Anna-Maria Maak and composer Sef Albertz
...entirely committed to modernity...
with impressive sovereignty...masterly virtuosity
and intimate well as innovative ideas"

(Magazine PIANONews 3-2019)

" enrichment of contemporary piano music"
Prof. Volkmar Lehmann
(Dir. Em. Institute for Piano, University of Music Weimar)

„A great composer...a fantastic performer...a powerful work!”
(Kristjan Järvi, conductor)

„A dramaturgical [and] skillful connection to a fascinating musical world, an exquisite combination of progressive and traditional, jazz and funk, Mediterranean temperament and profundity“
(MDR Press)



(Newspaper Freies Wort | In Südthüringen April 6th, 2019)

Suhl-born pianist Anna-Maria Maak and her husband Sef Albertz recently celebrated a sensational success in Torgau, where Anna-Maria Maak played the world premiere of 'Aria, Ciaccona & Vivace', a composition by Krzysztof Penderecki, compiled and adapted for Piano by Sef Albertz".


(Newspaper Torgauer Zeitung March 26th, 2019)

The artist couple (Maak & Albertz) created an evening that is seldom realized in this form in the concert serie [...] wonderfully plucked on the guitar [...] Composition, arrangement and interpretation were equally convincing, with the pianist's ability aroused general admiration [...] Finally, the likeable artists thanked with three encores of very different character for the stormy applause. A memorable evening that will be remembered for a long time".


(Newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung, May 18th, 2018)

„It's a great compliment to be compared with Robert and Clara Schumann - for the Leipzig artist couple Sef Albertz and Anna-Maria Maak it's the appropriate comparison“.

Maak & Albertz veröffentlichen
neue musikalische Visionen zu J. S. Bach in Ersteinspielung

Leipzig, September 2018. ‚Resplendences around Bach‘ ist der Titel des neuesten Klavieralbums des Künstlerpaares Maak & Albertz, welches am 07. September 2018 unter ihrem eigenen Label Florentyn Music auf dem internationalen Musikmarkt erscheint.

Die Pianistin Anna-Maria Maak präsentiert darauf Werke des venezolanisch-deutschen Komponisten Sef Albertz in Ersteinspielung, die die Essenz ihrer langjährigen künstlerischen Zusammenarbeit widerspiegeln.

‚Resplendence‘ bedeutet Glanz, Pracht, Funkeln - damit wird nicht nur ein wesentliches Merkmal der Klanglichkeit von Sef Albertz’ Kompositionen erfasst, sondern auch auf den Aspekt der Vielgestaltigkeit seiner musikalischen Ideen hingewiesen.

Anna-Maria Maak stellt sich mit pianistischem Forschergeist und lebendigem Enthusiasmus den technischen Herausforderungen, die der vielschichtige Klaviersatz mit sich bringt.

„Das ganze Programm ist für die Pianistin Anna-Maria Maak komponiert und konzipiert. Mir ist diese Verbindung Komponist - Interpretin sehr wichtig, sie ist die inspirierende Quelle! Oftmals denke ich: es ist, als würden wir gemeinsam einen Film kreieren, Anna-Maria stellt die bewegten Bilder dar und ich bin die Musik“ so Albertz.

So wie im Licht des Feuers oder im Glanz der Sonne alle Farben enthalten sind und dennoch als Einheit in Erscheinung treten, so bündeln sich auch in Albertz’ auf dieser CD versammelten Klavierkompositionen unterschiedlichste Stilrichtungen und Einflüsse: Verfahrensweisen zeitgenössischer Musik treffen auf Klänge der Romantik, iberoamerikanische Rhythmen auf Werke von J. S. Bach.

Dessen monumentale Ciaccona kann als initiierender Funke des Programms betrachtet werden. Ebenso wie Bachs Originalversion des Werkes für Violine solo, geht auch Albertz in seiner Fassung des Stückes bis an die Grenzen des Klaviers. Er beschränkt sich nicht auf ein bloßes Arrangieren des ursprünglichen Notentextes für Tasten, vielmehr erschafft er eine Neukomposition.

Bereits im Jahr 2016, nach der ausverkauften Uraufführung der Orchesterversionen des Programms mit dem MDR Sinfonieorchester urteilte die MDR Presse über die Musik: „eine geschickte dramaturgische Verbindung in eine faszinierende musikalische Welt, eine genussvolle Kombination aus fortschrittlichen und traditionellen Elementen, aus Jazz und Funk, aus südländischem Temperament und Tiefgründigkeit“.

Anna-Maria Maak selbst bekennt enthusiastisch: „Verlangen nach Leben! Das spürt man in der Musik von Bach und Sef. Selbst die Melancholie verwandelt sich in etwas Hoffnungsvolles in ihren Klangwelten...Eine Entfaltung von Schönheit!...Oder ein erneuter Glaube an das Leben...?“.


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